Prize Rules

In this section you will find the rules that apply to the redemption of prizes within the HP Growandwin Program.  Please read them carefully to better understand the process of redemption, claim and shipping of the prizes from our catalog.

To claim a prize, a member's account must contain the minimum amount of WinPoints required for redemption of the requested prize. 

To claim the WinPoints, participants must visit the "Prize Catalog" section, click on the "Redeem" button of the desired item, read the Prize Rules and click the "Accept" button. The order will be sent to the Program Administrator for approval and the participant will receive an e-mail confirmation with the estimated shipping time. Once an order is submitted it cannot be changed or cancelled.

Prizes will only be shipped on business days (Monday-Friday, excluding local holidays) to the business address registered in HP Growandwin. Prizes cannot be returned or exchanged.  HP is not responsible for: (i) changes to, or discontinuance of, any manufacturer's product, merchandise, or service offered in the Program; (ii) participant shall look solely to the manufacturer for relief in the case of any defect, failure or problem with a product, merchandise or service; (iii) any effect on or devaluation of rewards caused by such change, discontinuance, or withdrawal (iv) merchandise that is undeliverable or not received due to the participant’s failure to provide accurate delivery information, including physical and e-mail addresses, or when 15 days have passed since the date the prize was shipped. Participant may not rely upon the continued availability of any award, reward level or prize.

No rewards substitutions permitted. The only right a participant acquires with the WinPoints is to exchange them for a prize within the online catalog. Rewards and WinPoints are not transferable. In particular, rewards and WinPoints are not transferable from Partner Admin, Sales Representative or Sales Engineer to any other participant; even if the participants work for the same company. HP is not liable for any injury, death or other loss, cost or damage or claims by participants related to the redemption, receipt or use of any of the HP Growandwin rewards. Except where required by law, WinPoints have no cash value.

The prizes posted in the HP Growandwin catalogs may be updated for newer models and versions without advance notice at any time or from time to time. In case of out of stock products, HP Growandwin will send to the participant a substitute product suggestion that must be approved by the participant. In case of approval, the substitute product will be sent immediately. In case of rejection, the prize redeemed will be canceled and the WinPoints will be credited back to the participant’s account. 

You will be able to redeem your WinPoints for fabulous prizes available in the online catalog during the valid period of the program, please refer to the current Official Rules of the program. The WinPoints accrued during the valid period can only be accumulated until the last day of the period described in the Official Rules. Participants may redeem their WinPoints up to 45 days after the end of the Program before they expire. The WinPoints cannot be accumulated for future periods of the Program.  

Prizes will be shipped within 15 days after the approval date. Participants will be notified when the prize has been shipped.